Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Floater!

We have a "floater" on our hands. After four weeks of swim/float lessons, Anna has passed all her tests and is a really good floater! I have videos but she is crying in all of them and I know you probably would prefer not to listen to that. But, yesterday she went in summer clothes and today in winter clothes and she did it. The instructor put her under and she came a floatin' to the top, just like a buoy! Cindy even put Anna's coat over her face and she was able to push it away and get to the top. I'm so proud of her! Even if she wouldn't do the swim part, I think the floating is more important at her age anyway. We may try some more lessons at the end of the summer to see if she is more willing to kick her legs and move her arms. She even says the word "fwoat" now!

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Kelly said...

That is so cute and impressive! I can't float. And I'm pretty sure I'd cry too if someone put a coat over me and put me under water. Ha! The girl is a good floater!