Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Best Medicine

Today I was straightening up around the house before leaving for a half shift of work. I hear Brice walking around the house saying something. He then walks by the room I was in holding up two tickets from a Georgia basketball game.

He is holding them fanned out above his head yelling, "Six dollars, six dollars"! He could have been a scalper, he had the mannerisms down and the voice, everything.

I now know how Justin has been getting tickets for them to go see the Dawgs play! Maybe we should discuss that this isn't the best means of income when he gets older.

I just had to blog this for my own memory of it. I had had a horrible headache all morning and when he did this, I just laughed and laughed which made my head feel better. Laughter really is the best medicine, I guess!

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Aunt Blaire said...

I fear he is becoming more and more like Josh! ;) Although it is not a noble profession, it is very enjoyable to get into games with extra money in your pocket! Josh can teach this maneuver if you're interested...