Friday, February 12, 2010

Rundown...And a Great Book

We have had a busy week this week! Not sure what I did on Monday but it seems like a long time ago. We've run errands (grocery and Sam's), I got a haircut, had a Valentine's party, cleaned the bathrooms, done laundry, gone on a date with Justin, went to bunko, Brice had his first T-ball practice, we've had three visitors (Nana, Kristen, Grandad) to help us do all these things, gone to Target (twice), received almost identical Valentine gifts from the grandparents (2 Pez's, two candy hearts, a Zhu-Zhu pet, and some baseball cards), haven't napped well (Anna) which has made the week even that is where I've been.

Here is a picture of Brice after his first practice. He has been so excited all week and Justin said he beamed the entire time he was there! When I was pregnant with Anna, one of my NICU friends gave me this book and told me that "it made her little boy smart". Well, I don't know if it is making Anna smart but it is making her strong! She has been carrying it around and the other day got stuck on the "G" page. It really is a great book and I would recommend it for a gift idea!
Anna bringing it to me to show me the "go" (goat) and "guh" (girl).

It's a pretty thick book but she is managing to carry it around! Thanks again to Janna for the book, the muscles and the smarts!


Lauren said...

Janna gave us that book too! We love it!

Christie said...

I love Anna's little pink sweatsuit! She looks so cute!

Janna said...

Glad everyone is enjoying their ABC books...can't even get them anymore so sad :(