Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day From the Man

Snow Man that is! I took these pictures on Saturday after I built Brice a snowman. I can't remember the last time I made a snowman. Today for Valentine's Day we've all been hanging out. My dad came up and got Brice for the day and night so Justin, Anna and I napped which was awesome!!! Thank you, Dad! Most of the snow has melted and we are forecasted to possibly get some more tonight. We shall see...two more days til the big birthday!!Little Anna admiring her "sweeties" out the window. She was content to walk around with her footie jammies on, coat and hat! My kind of girl.
And she talked on the "phone", it's my old cell phone. She holds it to her ear and jabbers away. She is handing it to me in the picture below so that I can open it for her.

And speaking of footie jammies, here is a cute conversation I had with Brice the other day. I put it on Facebook too so some of you may have already read it.

"Mom, when you go to Heaven are you naked or do you wear clothes?"

"You can do whatever you want in Heaven, I'm going in my pajamas"

"Me too, my footie jammies, if they have some big enough because I'll probably be really old when I go."!

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