Thursday, February 4, 2010

It Doesn't Go Unnoticed

Last night we were sitting at the dinner table and Justin always does an awesome job of telling me "thank you" for making dinner. He then makes a point that Brice tells me thank you as well. So, last night he took it a bit further.

Justin-"Brice, do you know how much work goes into making dinner?"

Brice-"Welllllll, I thiiiinkk sooo" with a "sort of" look on his face

Justin-"What do you think Mommy has to do in order to get dinner on the table?"

Brice-"I don't know"

Justin-"First, she has to think of something to make, right? And then she has to write down all the ingredients that she needs, and then..."

Brice-"...she has to go to Publix."

Justin-"Right, and then she has to bring the groceries home and put them away and then that night, cook the food and set the table..."

Brice-"Well, sometimes I do that part for her". (which he does and does a great job)

Justin-"Okay, and then she has to get all of us to come to the table and sit down together and that is why it's important to thank her when she does all that."

It felt so good to know that my efforts Do Not Go Unnoticed.

Driving home from school today, Brice was talking about one of the projects they were working on. I was impressed just from listening. I said, "That Ms. Lori is so creative and thinks of the best ideas!".

He said, "I know. It's kind of like you and cooking. She has to come up with the idea..."


Janna said...

So sweet...and he was actually LISTENING isn't that something. Enjoy it now he prob won't listen so well when he's a teenager

Christie said...

That's awesome that Justin realizes what you do and is teaching the kids! I think I'm going to have chris read this!! :)