Monday, February 8, 2010

Love By Association

Today I asked Brice is he wanted to sit down and do his Valentine's. We bought them last week at Target. His party is this Thursday and I didn't know how patient he would be so I told him we'd just start with the boys today and maybe do the girls tomorrow. He ended up taking a break and then doing the girls as well.Each Valentine has either a lion, panda, chameleon, meerkat or gorilla on it. When I would read one of his classmates names, I could see the wheels turning in his head. He associated each person with a different animal.

These Valentines were chosen for obvious reasons! Still adores those pandas!
Pondering what one of the girls should get!

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Kelly said...

Aww, I used to love doing valentines. You got the good ones too with suckers. He's sure to break some hearts with those :) I wish we did these at work, but I'm sure there's some policy against that :) Ha!