Saturday, February 27, 2010

Our Ball Player

Today Brice got his uniform, had his team pictures and instead of a regular practice, they had a practice game! Justin took him this morning for pictures and then the plan was to come home, have lunch and then head over to the ball field for the scrimmage. When Brice came home from pictures outfitted in his uniform, I seriously could've started crying. I knew this was the first of very many uniforms and I hope I will always remember that image.And when Robin and Larry arrived and Robin saw him for the first time, I could tell by her face, she was having a flashback! Little Justin was before her 26 years prior.
He must be proud, how often does he look at the camera AND smile?!
The weather was COLD and WINDY!!! Anna didn't seem to mind though. She toddled around for most of the game while Robin and Larry took shifts chasing after her.
Little snack, little boogers.
Brice did really well. First at bat, he got a single and the second at bat, a double. Both times, his teammates batted him home so he got to run the bases (his favorite). While in the field at second base, he grounded a ball for a stop! We are so proud of Our Ball Player!!! Go Pirates!

On first base with the first base coach, Justin.
Running home!
"In the Hole".

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look forward to those days :)