Monday, February 15, 2010

Brice Turns FIVE!!!

Tomorrow my handsome boy will be five years old! Wow! He is such a kid. He is learning so much at school and has just become such a guy instead of a little boy. The way he talks is like a teenager sometimes. He has started what I know will be a long streak of sports. He is so sweet most of the time always thinking of others. I think this is probably my favorite attribute of his. He adores his little sister more than any mom could ask a brother to love his sister, always protecting her and correcting her if need be, "Anna Claire Reynolds....what did you do with...?".

It is very hard for me to believe that five years ago, he made me a mommy. I don't feel as though I'm five years older. He is almost as tall as me when I am on my knees! Brice is built just like Justin and tonight he was looking at his reflection in the mirror and said, "Mom, my eyes are now green.". And they are turning more green just like Justin's!

He is so well behaved that sometimes I wonder if he is stressed out by always thinking about being good. He is shy when in new situations or when he doesn't know someone very well. Most of my friends think that he never talks! Oh how I wish they could be a fly on the wall. Just tonight he said as he was getting out of the tub, "Remember when I slipped getting out of the tub when Nana was here?". I asked him if this was last week when Robin was here. "No, it was a long time ago, maybe 2009 or 2008 when I didn't know what year it was."!

Brice is so excited about his birthday. He has had a spring in his step since January turned to February. Tomorrow (the 16th, his actual birthday) I am taking cupcakes with dinosaur candles on top to school along with a dinosaur project. Then Justin, Anna and I are picking him up from school and taking him to the Aquarium. He wanted to do this because I've never been, not just because he wants to go. I asked him if he wanted Anna to go and he said, "Yes, she'll love it!". So, we will have a very busy day tomorrow and I wanted to go ahead and wish him a HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY on the blog. I know I will enjoy tomorrow just being with my BIRTHDAY BOY!

His party is this coming Sunday so get ready for some ferocious photos!


Aunt Blaire said...

Happy Birthday, buddy! Can't wait to see you Sunday! Have a great day at the Aquarium!

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday Brice! I can't believe you're five already. One day when I'm old I'll tell you "I remember when you were this big" and you'll appease me by smiling and shaking your head. I won't pinch your cheeks though, I promise :-)

Have fun today and make sure to get a corner piece of the cake!