Thursday, February 4, 2010

Puppy Love

Anna is in love. Every time she wakes up from either her nap or in the morning, she immediately points outside our back windows to the dogs in the neighboring backyard. Yesterday she said something that sounded like, "Gog", but has yet to repeat it so I'm not sure if it was for real or not. She loves to go to the window and look for them. There are three of them. Justin and I really don't care for the dogs because they are always barking and doing their business. We have been talking about putting blinds in but then it would make it hard for Anna to see her beloved pups!There they are!
"I could just stare at them all day..."
Here are two of them. I guess when you are in love the annoying habits for your loved one don't bother you (barking and doing their business). Awwwwww.....Puppy Love!


Kelly said...

Aww, she's taking after her Aunts :-) You know...boxers don't bark that much and they are SUPER cute and good with kids...just saying. So are great danes :-) Anna can come over and hang out with Biff anytime. He'd love her!

Jennifer said...

Thanks Aunt Kelly. I have a feeling though that if these dogs were up close and personal, she would feel differently about them!

Elizabeth, Dave, and Reid said...

Such a DAWG fan already!

Aunt Blaire said...

I second that Kelly!