Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow on the Fourteenth Month

We have snow! And I mean real snow! We ended up getting about four inches. I took a lot of these pictures before the majority of it fell. I didn't know it was going to keep coming. Brice had fun out in it until he was soaking wet and then he wasn't such a fan! Anna enjoyed the chill of the air and just watching it. Once I put her down in'll see the pictures below...
Our Mr. Potato Head snowman ended up covered in snow!

Self picture with my almost birthday boy.

Not so sure about walking in it!

And, Anna is now FOURTEEN MONTHS OLD!!! So hard to believe, time is just ticking away. She is wild, running around, very loud, some days she is more willing to try new words, other days, she just whines and grunts and points. We are trying to be patient with this! She knows where her nose and toes and hair are. She also likes to point to herself when we ask her "Where's Anna?" and then she loves to clap for herself when she gets positive feedback for anything! She has become even more attached to Carly-bunny, hugging her and putting her in my face to kiss and hug her! There is no substitute for Carly as we found out one evening a couple of weeks ago. Her naps are leaving little to be desired lately, I think she is just in between needing one nap and two naps. Most days she is a good eater and loves her milk. Adores Brice and her Daddy! And we adore her!

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