Monday, February 22, 2010

The Prehistoric Party

We have now concluded the birthday week! Although I know that the dinosaur balloon will be floating above Brice's chair for at least another week. And it will probably take me a few days to get the gifts put away. But, all that said, the party was a success and we had a great turnout despite all the goings-on in our family right now (baby Jack, shingles, travelers, and a late comer). The important thing was that Brice had a great time and loved being the center of attention.Brice needed a pre-pizza snack.
Making a silly face. I wanted a picture of his shirt and ribbon.
Aunt Blaire digging in. We had three types of pizza: one for the carnivores (meat-lovers), one for the herbivores (garden fresh) and one for the omnivores (both veggie and meat). This is about as creative as I get as far as party themes!
Oh, and a zebra showed up to the party. Not sure she knew what era we were in!
Lots of gifts from all the generous family members!
A cool UGA book from Jonathan. It goes through the alphabet and references a Georgia player, coach, memory for each one. Very neat.
A game of horseshoe for when the weather clears up, warms up and stays that way! We got a little taste this past weekend and it was good for our souls!

A dinosaur fossil dig from Grandma and Grandad.
Mr. Camo thanks to the Wiese's!
And finally! The Wizard of Oz. When Brice was three he wanted to watch this movie but I thought he was too young. I told him when he turned five he could see it. I felt like it was so far away and here we are five years old. Hopefully, no nightmares of flying monkeys will interrupt our nights of sleep.
The paleontologist has lots of work to be done.
Blowing out that number 5 candle.
And this concludes our Prehistoric Party.

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Rachel said...

Sounds like it was a great party!!! And that was such a cute theme!