Friday, February 5, 2010

A Dream Come True

Brice often pretends that we live on a ship and that we are pirates. He truly wants to be a pirate and well, his dream has come true!I took these pictures before his T-ball evaluation last weekend. Last night Justin got an email saying that Brice will be #24 on the Pirates!!!!! How exciting! Justin is about to bust he is so excited. I am still a little confused why they had to have four and five year olds "try-out". Just let the kids be on a team for Pete's sake! I am new to this though so I'll just say...
I can't wait to see my little guy in a uniform and I do think Anna would make a very cute mascot, don't you? Arrrrghhh!
Addendum: Justin said these weren't the best pictures of his batting stance. I apologize and promise to capture Brice's true stance another time. Hopefully, there are no recruits reading this blog.


Aunt Blaire said...

Go Pirates!!!

Pa said...

Although I greatly enjoyed watching Justin play high school and college sports, nothing compared to little league. The shear joy of watching the kids experience everything for the first time is unmatched, and you should cherish this time. I get a second shot at it, and I am excited!


Kelly said...

How cute are those pictures! I love it. I bet Brice's team gets lots of Arrrrrgh B Is. Ha! Sorry...had to. :-)