Thursday, February 18, 2010

Birthday Boys!

Well, well, well. We have had quite the past 72 hours! Brice successfully turned five and we had the most wonderful day with him. He truly enjoyed his gifts, his school party and going to the aquarium. And what would a birthday be without a little excitement?

As most of you know Justin's sister Kelly was expecting a baby in March. Well, little Jack decided that February would be a much better month to be born in. We do after all have many February birthdays in the family! And so on Brice's birthday when I was at home doing some laundry we got the call that Kelly's water had broke. Needless to say, we all went into stress mode. She was 34 weeks and 5 days at this point. I, of course, knew all the ups and downs that this could bring. But to sum it up nicely, Kelly labored all night with a little help from pitocin, didn't have bad contractions until early in the morning (at which time that lovely man with the epidural appeared) on the 17th, pushed for 15 minutes and out Jackson David popped at 11:11am! He is a nice healthy weight of 5 lbs, 12oz and 19.5 inches long. He is doing beautifully in the same NICU where I work. I am trying not to be too nosy and keep my brain occupied until we get the word that he gets to go home. This is taking a lot of restraint on my part as I want to be there for him and for Kelly. Not to mention I am really wanting to hold him but know I have to leave this to the parents and grandparents right now. After all, Kelly got to come see my babies and get some love after I delivered, now it's my turn to be the aunt! So, Robin and Larry now have two Birthday Boys in February just a day apart. We are so excited for Kelly and Greg and wish them the best with their new baby boy!!! (No, I do not have pictures as I forgot to take my camera due to sheer excitement of seeing his little face.) I will try to get some soon though! For now, enjoy Brice's birthday pictures and like I said before, I will post more after the party on Sunday.Trying to guess what his present was...a new basketball!
And the goal to go with it! Which is still in the middle of the floor due to all the happenings going on!

Dinosaur candles I put on top of his cupcakes...we didn't light them, I didn't want to be the talk of the town for burning down the school.
Singing "Happy Birthday to Brice!". Red in the face!

We made it to the Aquarium (after a pit stop at Northside Hospital so I could calm Kelly down as much as possible, this is a hard feat, just ask Larry and Robin!)

Schooners anyone??? Grouper sandwich sounds good to me!
I loved these schools of fish the way they would change direction and a couple of them would forget and at the last minute turn the other way!
My sweet family enjoying the "wall" of fish. We stayed until it closed which was nice.
They had three or four penguins there. I think this was one of Brice's favorites.
Justin touching some slimy fish. After the lady said, "They secrete a mucous...", there was no way I was touching one of them!

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